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hardwood floor

Our hardwood is being installed, slowly. He is gone this week because of back to school, but he will be back on monday. He has gotten our master, closet, hall, and upstairs where our railing will go. It is really … Continue reading

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main deck

The coolest framer was teasing me the other day as I was asking about the deck. I noticed the bolts on the wall of the house higher than the deck floor and I asked what those were for. He explained … Continue reading

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What? Seriously?

The stress of building this house, has sucked the fun right out of building this house. We are beyond frustrated. On monday of this week we woke up to rain. We were suppose to get concrete and get our water … Continue reading

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Easter 2011

It is funny how kids learn from an early age what candy is. Monkey #5 is not slow on the take when it comes to what you get from a bright colored wrapper that crinkles (dang you delicious twix, whom … Continue reading

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rusted tecnique

I happened, by a mistake I made while doing some paintings, of a tecnique I could do to make the art seem like rust, to get some layering of color that I really love. I love texture and layering of … Continue reading

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concrete These are the two contenders I have been debating.  Concrete vs granite, in the kitchen. I like my countertops, like my man, low maitenance.  Where I  love the look of concrete,  I worry our relationship will just be strained, always having … Continue reading

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play room

I am glad my kids love to play. They play with each other with cars, dolls, legos, dress up, coloring, and school are some of their favorites. We had some cool ideas come about in there playroom once the house … Continue reading

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Monkey 3

Our monkey #3 has always been a character, this is her when she was almost one. I busted out the camera one day and she did not dissapoint. Pose after pose was like this. now I guess not much has … Continue reading

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bring outdoors indoors

I love bringing the outdoors in.  Decor with some hints of nature is a very good thing in my book.  Cut off some branches in your yard, or if you don’t have any trees, take some from your neighbors or … Continue reading

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