self combustable sink

It was a quiet afternoon. All my monkeys were obediently doing as mommy asked them. One was crocheting my new oven mits, another one was reading a story to a younger sibling, the oldest one was sitting doing her homework and my son was not fighting or biting or teasing, quietly playing with his trucks (does this sound familiar,haha).Yeah, looking back this senerio was happening in my imagination. We hurt a loud crash. We all said out loud “What was that?” We all ran towards the sound to find in our half bath our glass sink self combusted.

self combust

There was glass everywhere, in the toilet, which was easy to clean, just flush. But however big chunks, little chunks, pieces of chunks sticking together. Finger cuts, toe cuts. It was not pretty. I am still finding glass behind the toilet and in the heating duct.

a sink no more

In all reality we are grateful it happened because water would leak down the sides of the round glass bowl (who knows what my kids do when they are washing their hands) and as you can see when all the glass was cleaned up it ruined our wood countertop. We weren’t happy with the sink and wanted to replace it (because you just can’t replace your kiddos for cleaner ones now can you). Plus having the sink see through make the problem obvious. is a pretty cool place, awesome suppliers and customer service. We were able to get a new sink replacement. We learned our lesson and choose differently. I am pleased.

new sink

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