jump back…I updated

Welcome back to me. This blog thing I have gone back and forth on multiple times but since I am updating y’all know where my decision ended up…for now ;) .

We ended another successful year of school. Our weather is cooler in the June month than most so while other kids are rockin’ their summer already my monkey’s are still sitting in school pretty much doing nothing. Getting their days checked off.
I hope to give you more of our life in the trees but for the most important part of my life in the trees are these monkey’s so here goes…

sweet laylers

3 1/2 years old

Our last monkey is sassy, sweet and speedy. She hopped on the honda 50 motor bike (while training wheels) and there was no stopping her. She speed off hollering a loud yeeeehaaaawwww! Funnies thing ever to see her with a big helmet, glasses and the most serious face you can imagine speed like there aren’t any cars, trees, horses or fences in the way. Too cute!

5 1/2 years old

my next youngest monkey is hitting his tease the girls, I will beat my competition, and show off stage. He loves pedal bikes and will show anyone who wants to his jumps and his wheelies, more pics to come of that. So cute! He knows how to ride that bike. As for his honda 50 motorbike (with training wheels) he finally sat on the bad boy without crying and rode it around and now we can’t get him to stop. He doesn’t want to let go of the training wheels until he went to church and told his friend he rode his motor bike asked his friend if he had training wheels. Well the friend said he doesn’t need them so my monkey came home from church and informed his dad that he need to go to cousins house (because the have more flat ground and no trees) so he can NOT have his training wheels. A friendly bit of competition never hurt anyone, right. He will make his dad proud with that comment.
ps he is a juice addict and is constantly starving!

10 years old

my next monkey had a piano recital and her piano teacher introduced her as her most energetic student she has had and plays better when her songs are update and fun. I was not surprised. We put her on some medication to help with her energy, it is fun to just be able to love her and not get after her All. The. Time. She even notices a difference if she hasn’t taken it. She say’s it makes her more shy. Well I can’t complain to that when she is always chatting it up with all the workers that come to our house, and may I add all aren’t that clean. So shy is good with her. She will be having “fun” in summer school. She is not looking forward to it. I am hoping it will help.

12 years old

next… she has had a great school year this year involved in a musical, winning the presidential award in academics and has a pretty good future in writing, anything. She even has a pen name, clovis megilicutty so in the next 10 to 15 years or so look that author up. She is still the sweetest thing. Her health is awesome and we will go to her yearly checkup this summer.

15 going on 18

My oldest monkey, the one that makes me feel so much older than i am because can I really have a 15 year old when I am only 22. ;) She cannot believe she has to wait until her junior year to date and drive. Little does she know she can’t date until she is 30 and she will be driving and driving and driving running all my monkey’s around and running my errands for me, so maybe she shouldn’t be so deflated about it.
She ran track and is a sprinter and will do it next year too. Her memorization skills are fantastic earning her an A in her geography class that your suppose to take as a junior but wanted to get that class out of the way.

We are having a lazy summer just trying really hard to ride a motor bike with skill. My first ride I got four bruises, two bumps, did a unskilled wheelie into some trees and almost peed myself once. So I will just say I have some work to do.

wishing I could ride as good as my lumber jake

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  1. Emily says:

    I can’t believe Chloe is in YW! And Addi is about to date. Crazy. Our kids just keep growing up, whether we want them to or not. Sometimes I love the growing up, and sometimes I hate it. It’s all bitter sweet.

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