please and thank you’s

wonder boy

A super hero to me is a boy (or man) who is kind and respectful to the ladies. And it gives me, as a mom, pleasure to hear the manners come out from all my kids but especially when my boy monkey holds the door open for sisters and even for his mama, and says, “Ladies first.” It is so sweet and my heart fills with happiness.

potty training

And it fills my heart with happiness when my little one shows her manners as well, sitting on the toilet at home or in the store restroom and all is quiet while we wait for the action to happen and a toot comes out and she quietly says, “scuse me.”

nice stache

This monkey is alway grateful. Never does she miss the chance to thank me for all that she gets to do in life. Even go outside to play she comes in and says, “Thank you for letting me play outside.” It makes my heart happy for one: that she can go outside to play, and two: that she recognizes it.

wow! we look alike

And nothing gives a mother greater pleasure than to have a teenager be grateful for the clothes that she wanted and received in a shopping trip with mom. Or to be thanked for the many miles we drive her back and forth from activities.

ps this is the picture (above) I realized people really are correct in saying,”you guys could be sisters. You look so much a like”.
However I do say she is much cuter ;) !

my wild one

My monkey #3 may be my wild one but she is the first one to take the little monkey’s and go play house or go color, or play school or church, and to a mom who has five monkey’s and need time to away from little ones to get house clean is a life saver, and much much appreciated!

My kids showing their manners is one of my favorite things and so I will use my manners to say “Thank You” to my kids for it!

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