this is how we bring in a new year

Happy 2013. It wasn’t a big gradios party this year. Just low key and family, its what its all about. I always have a breakfast at midnight so we had the doughnuts and the ho hash (a breakfast of potatoes, some sort of pig product, cheese and eggs). Then we went to bed, because i am surprised I made it that late. I am not a night person.

BMT birthday #5

This year is monkey #2 5 year Bone Marrow Birthday. It was a milestone we have been waiting for. At the five year mark the percentages of her cancer coming back drop dramatically, like from 50% to 10%. She has been waiting to celebrate this milestone. We also have been going down to primary children’s for regular check ups, blood counts and evaluations every month for almost 6 years (some a of the check ups were every three months). It has been 8 years since original diagnosis and 5 1/2 since relapse. So we are in constant knowledge of were her counts are, how she is doing, what to expect. We were told the other day when we called forgetting what day our apt was for this month. We were told that they would just see us in August and then yearly after that.
What? Say again?
I don’t know how to feel about this. We have always been in the know of her counts, and having a child that has relapsed makes me all the more nervous.
I feel excited! She doesn’t had to be poked all the time. We can save money and go on a vacation with the money we will save from gas, hospital bills, labs etc.
I keep thinking it has been 5 years, this is a good thing, but in the back of my mind, what if is does come back. So this news is a bit of an emotional happy….nervous….jump for joy…..bite my nails.

are those monkey’s in there?

We have been staying more in doors since it has been so cold. However the inversion is not a problem here and so to be able to watch a movie on the iPad, my monkey’s have to tent themselves from the bright sun.

monkey is 12

Monkey #2 also turned 12! A big young women now! Getting to wear a bit of make-up and do things she has been waiting and waiting to do. Such a fun age.
Lumber Jake warned me about his thoughtful gift monkey #1 put together for her letting me know I might cry. He was right, how sweet is this! Proud mama moment.


We ring the new year in with a new dog. Bruiser is his name, and cute is his game. Man he is so fun to have and pretty smart. He is a yorkie mix and I am told by our vet his daddy might be palmeranian? Who knows, but having two dogs is way easier than having 1. They keep each other company. We keep this one inside, much to my hubby’s chagrin. He has held off for 16 years of not having a dog in the house, so now it is my turn. Very kind this hubby of mine!

hope in 2013 all your wildest do come true…for real!

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