let’s paint…and then paint some more.

I welcome myself back to the blogging community. I debated back and forth wether to continue blogging or not and this is the reason there was a lull in my posts. The debate is over and now am back, ready to give you updates in our life in the trees, and it won’t surprise you that I have been painting. Rooms that is.
My living room didn’t feel home to me until I put some serious lush of a color on my walls. Lumer Jake came home to the color and said it feels like our home now. The richness of the color next to the red shelves, and couches I have makes me feel cozy. And with the weather we are having up here in the trees (just last week -21), cozy is needed.
I have to drive about 20 minutes to get to some good paint. I hate watered down paint that you need three coats to make it look right, and that is what is in town. So I have to go to the next town. I tested it out with this richness and approved.

living room

love it with the red

one scary wall to paint

This wall was a bit scary to paint. It is tall, and I am short. But I love a challenge and it is hard to tell me to wait until hubby gets home to help me. Ahhhh, not going to happen. I figure out a way myself. I want to get it done. I get me my ladder and extended it to the longest it will go and still have to reach my short arms on tippy toes to get to the blasted trim. Thankfully no falling off, or tripping down the ladder occurred. Yes I did say a prayer :) .

the old switcheroo

I am a glutton for punishment, I always tell myself. I add more stress to my day than necessary, so this weekend was no exception. Monkey #4 never sleeps in. My girls get up at 6 in the am to get ready to meet the bus and a few minutes later monkey 4 strolls in. This is much to my dismay. So we decided he needs to go upstairs with monkey #5 to sleep. Hoping to change his sleeping habits. So his room is now monkey #3′s and of coarse I have to paint it! So the grey and orange and brown striped walls are now a girly pink with butterflies as per request of my girly girl. We are still not all moved (the clothes are the worst part). So far so good. This morning he slept in until 7:20! wahooo. Hubby is skeptical it will last. We shall see.
What can I say, I love change.

ps just for you mandy ;) miss ya!

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