there’s something in the air…

It is christmas in the air.
I love christmas. The funky collection of christmas songs on my iPod, the twinkling lights, the thoughts of giving and the wonderful present of all Christ, our Savior. One of our traditions is we have one gift under the tree in an envelope for christ. Every christmas eve we open it, read what we promised Christ the year before of something we would do better in the up coming year, write a new gift, seal it and keep for next year. It is fun to read and see how we did.

stocking hung with care

This year I had to purchase new stockings. We were short one, since when I purchased the last ones we were only planning to have 4 monkey’s. I could sleep, rub my face on them, cuddle up in a ball and shove myself in them they are so cozy. Who needs a mantle when they fit awesomely hung with our red barn door as back drop.

oh christmas tree

Monkey #4 really wanted to put the star on the tree this year. And so he got his wish. While setting up the nativity we tell the story of Jesus, then when it is time to talk about the star in the sky telling the wise men of His birth, we place the star on top. Daddy and son, cute boys I have!

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