happy to see

I noticed when my last monkey was born that her eyes didn’t quite focus all the time. I asked my wonderful ped. about it and said not to worry, she passed the test when she was born. However it didn’t really get better. I would be changing her diaper and her eyes would go opposite directions and take a minute to resume their position. Monkey #2 had a lazy eye and had surgery and glasses when she was 3 1/2 so I thought I would keep my eye on it (no pun intended).

She got older and both her eyes seemed to wander. I got many comments about it and I new I needed to get her into see an eye doctor. But here was the problem. Monkey 2 and 5 look a lot similar, both have had eczema, both have problems with their eye sight, Monkey #2 was diagnosed with cancer 6 months after she had her eye surgery and got glasses. It sounds silly to say out loud that I was nervous, but if you have never gotten that kind of news, you just don’t understand. I didn’t want it to follow a pattern. But I finally did it, and was glad that it didn’t follow the same pattern as monkey #2 in that monkey #5 has not had to have surgery. I caught her eye sight a lot younger and hopefully with wearing the glasses longer it might correct it. Although in the back of my mind a little worry is still there, she looks so stinking cute in her glasses that is eases the worry just a bit.


First day wearing her glasses made her a little nervous. Just getting use to being able to see I guess threw her off for a minute but by the next day she was asking to put her glasses on.

happy to see

happy to see

In our church, her nursery leader made the comment to us that ever since she has worn her glasses she is a different little girl. Before she would sit in the corner, not playing with toys and not saying word. Now that she has her glasses she plays and talks with the other kiddos which is great and a little bit sad to me to think she just couldn’t see. I always joked about #2 and how she would always run into walls and then come to find out, she needed glasses. Now monkey #5 can see and it has opened up a whole new world for her.

She sure looks stinking cute in her yellow frames.

ps we found a website to order glasses Zeni.com. It was a lot cheaper there than the other place we have gotten glasses in the past before (standard optical), and they came pretty quick, and just the same good quality!

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