happy hallo-giving-mas!

Our life in the trees has been filled with lots of fun these past few weeks so blogging has been put on the back burner. Because of this I have decided to combined a few holidays into one big blog.
I love this time of year! Happy to see the leaves change color, and I didn’t shed a tear when the first snow hit. I was actually excited about it because the outside of our house is done.
It was a record warm up here in the trees so even thought we don’t get any trick or treaters we dressed up and went out to some houses. Yes, we did have trunk or treating at the church, but that is just not a favorite thing for me. I still want to walk in the cold temps going house to house and enjoy some hot cocoa when we get home.
My monkey’s love to dress up for halloween and I don’t mind it either ;) .

chloe – patra

dark princess the elselator

spider man, spider man…

cutest bunny… since kiddos 1,2 and 3


What is funny about this costume is the only thing I had to buy for it was the killer eye lashes!

Thanksgiving was delightful. You will always find oh so good food at mama carols and teamed up with good company and a good game to watch on TV, lovely.
The day after thanksgiving we always go out in search of the perfect tree and then we always get it home and say, “hmmmm it looked fuller in the mountains!” But that is what we like about it, all the many unique trees we have had through out the years. Some more unique than others. When getting our tree, it is always just me and lumber jake since our monkey’s are off playing with cousins eating snow, being pulled behind some sort of off road vehicle, or dancing trying to catch snow flakes with their tongues (when it is snowing, that is).

lumber jake in action

I adore christmas. I love to decorate for it, love the funky christmas playlist I have accumulated over the years playing in the back ground. The eggnog we drink while we adorn the sparse branches of our freshly cut tree. We get together and tell the story of Christ in the manger while we put together the wooden manger and figures we display for this time of year. And put the star on top of the tree of the sign of His birth. Traditions are one of my favorite things.

I love christmas

fury stocking we hung with care…on our barn door!

Our mantle would burn our stocking so we thought of the next best place to put them, our red barn door! I love everything about this. We had to get new stockings cause monkey #5 came and she didn’t have one so can you believe this nice fluffy stockings were only 20.00 at Restoration Hardware.com! Love them! Lumber Jake’s and mine are on the way since I loved them so much!

I always try to get done with my shopping early so I can enjoy and not stress, so I am proud to say I am done with shopping and now can just sit back and relax while I enjoy the season.

Happy Holiday’s, ya’ll!

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