three shades of blue!!

I couldn’t decide what color of blue I should use in our sunken family room, so I did all three. I love a good big stipe, so I did three. I finally felt like painting. My relationship with painting my walls has healed and am anxious to do more. I brightened up the room. I am so happy with my hue’s of blue. And I got a little crazy with some spray paint. I am in love with the stuff. I am ready to spray paint everything, but decided to just start with two furniture items.
My shades of blue are bolder in person and I used yellow to accent. It took me only two days to do all this and made me so happy. I love this, creating, painting, changing a room. It has been very therapeutic for me. I am ready to do more.

The three blue shades are in the same family. That is the easiest way to do stripes if you don’t have the eye for color. You can also so the same color of paint just in different finishes. A semi gloss finish will be darker than a satin finish, and will give you subtle color difference. Just a little tip.

lovin blue’s

loving blue’s with yellows

loving blue

When I get into painting the walls, I get into painting everything. These two tables used to be brown but with some wonderful spray paint and a bit of sanding, it transforms them. I am addicted to change in my house, and when I paint a wall, I get inspired to change other colors as well. Lumber Jake always gets nervous when I say I am going to paint furniture, especially wood, but I think he was pleasantly surprised with the out come. Bring on the spray paint, I am ready for more change. I am thankful for lumber jake and the fact he will let me do this and let me be who I want to be.

loving spray paint

loving spray paint

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