traditions in the trees


I am all about traditions. I am in love with them. Holidays, birthdays, and even every days. This last month we might have found a new tradition in our life in the trees. Here is me and monkey #5 being a team ready to play a game of sardines in the trees. Our whole family went out one night, lumber jake took monkey #4 and went off into the trees to hide. All the rest of us waited, and waited. Monkey #5 was way to excited to wait until 100 so she said, “ready or not, here we come!” In her own little language, and we were off. It was so fun. It was twilight and our kitties (when they were alive) would travel with us, and we trampled over branches, breathed in woods and wet dirt. At last we spotted them under a big pine tree and monkey #5 let out a big, “HEY” when we saw them. They all got a turn to hide and it was fun making noises of every kind of animal we could think of, and some I am not quite sure it is an animal at all, to let them know if they were close of not. We came in after it started to sprinkle and had hot cocoa. Cozy.

do they see us??

waiting for monkey 3

starting to make animal noises

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