the conversation of money

my four girls

Before I was married, I did what all girls hopefully do, I wondered how many kids I would have and wondered what they would be. I wanted a boy first and a girl second and then more boys. I wanted mostly boys. I was a tom boy growing up, I felt more comfortable with boys. I was not too girly, so I thought what would I do with a lot of girls. Well I am glad someone new better for me.
I had three girls in a row and blessed with little girl at the end. When I knew I would have a girl first I was scared. How am I going to be a mother to a girl. Dress her like a girl. I hated pink. So monkey #1 was thought of as a boy on more than one occasion (there was not the cute clothes they had now days 14 years ago). The more and more girls I had the more I grasped onto the girly wagon. I am not so opposed to pink these days, just a certain type of pink…also accompanied with ruffles or lace. When I was young my mom said she wanted to put me into a dress light pink with ruffles. I cried and cried.
The one thing I like about having four girls is we get to shop. I have shopping companions. When monkey #1 was a little munchkin she would reach up to the hangers and push each item aside, look, and push it to the other side revealing the next shirt and say, “ohhh pretty!” We had a girls day this past weekend, we needed something for school so we made a day of it. Well we had no choice since any shopping to do here is 2 hours away. The girls had their own money they earned putting up firewood. Monkey #3, taking after me, comes up to me and said,”Do I have to pay for the 95 for the earrings?” Looking at the tag that said 3.95, I said, “Yes you will have to pay 4.00 for these earring.”
“Four dollars??!”
I said, “Yes it says it is 3.95 and then you have to pay tax so it will be a little more than 4 dollars.”
Slumping her shoulders defeated she said, “well I don’t have enough money for these.”
Me: “How much do you have left?”
Her:” three dollars and twenty.”
I chuckled and said to her that she did have enough to buy them because 20 dollars is 20 one dollar bills.
She did not quite get what I was telling her. I could see the confused looked on her face but then it was quickly replaced by the fact I said she did have enough money and quickly went to buy them.
A few minutes later she ran up to me and said in happy shocked disbelief,”He gave me thirteen dollars back?!”
Ahhh how she takes after me. I had to laugh as well thinking how hubby would not have understood the conversation that just took place.

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