monkey’s 1, 2 and 3

at photo shoots

I have three girls right in a row, each 2 1/2 years apart, but they couldn’t be more different. This photo above I framed and hung up in our house because it depicts their personalities and I always want to remember. Monkey 1 in the photos is always trying to be obedient, and at the same time annoyed with monkey #3′s tendency to not want to obey. Monkey #2 is alway day dreaming, sweet and thoughtful. Monkey #3 can’t sit still and is always being “forced” as you can see in every single situation.

in the car

in the outdoors

at home

more photo shoots

at the holidays

In this photo monkey #3 is blurry because she just won’t sit still!

Every day as I take them down to the bus stop this is the routine, Oldest Monkey get out serious faced, getting her things together and heads straight to the bus not saying a word. Monkey #2 before she hops out says her thanks, then an I love you. She shuts the door and walks to the bus but before she gets into the bus she turns around and has a last wave to me. Monkey #3 is out the door before I stop the car and is running to the bus her bags jiggling on her outstretched arms.
It is not only so cute for me as a mom to notice these differences but our neighbor who also drops her monkey off at the bus has noticed as well, telling me the same scenario I see. Monkey 1 straight to the bus, monkey 2 waving to her with a smile, and monkey 3 running to the bus like the bus is about to leave with all her bags not quite on her shoulder.
I love to looks at these pictures, it makes me smile to have such different personalities in my three girls.
I love them to pieces!

sorry about the technical difficulties with this post, hubby is not home to help me and my lack of skills with the computer.

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