LOTs of personality

My monkey #3 could have her own reality tv show. Before she was one year old she would pull the funniest faces. I always had to wait months and months getting pregnant with all my monkey’s, except for this one, she was my surprise. Foreshadowing? I think so!
At the age of 2 I couldn’t keep the child in the house, early in the morning she would be found out side in the cul-de-sac, in just her undies, a pair of high heels and a purse driving in her red and yellow play car (best purchase ever made). A scary thing and funny at the same time.

Where I love her so much and am thankful for her bubbly spirit and drama, with that comes energy, hyper activity, scatterbrained and disobedience. At times making it exhausting.
Her school teacher last year was concerned about her having ADHD. I looked up the symptoms commonly associated with it and she has every single on of them. I thought in time she would grow out of it, but it seems to be getting worse. She should be acting older not younger. Her school work is suffering, she can’t stay on task and even given a special chair in school that helps get the wiggles out, it had to be taken away from her because it over stimulated her. Melatonin to sleep at night helps, and we have tried to limit her sugar intake but we saw no dramatic difference. It is fun and exhausting at the same time to have her personality, but she doesn’t know how to control it very well. She has not been fully diagnosed yet, but we have the papers being sent to us. Mental health papers. When I heard that is made me a bit sad and scared, but we need to get it under control. It is sad to me, because I love her bubbly spirit, her dramatic play, her loving personality, and I don’t want those to go away if she goes on medication. I talked quite a bit about it to our loving, caring pediatrician, I wanted her opinion and she said kids, if undiagnosed, could struggle in school, have self esteem problems because they are always getting in trouble at home because they struggle in school.
I feel like I am already doing that. I get after her so much, focusing on negative behavior, that she is wearing down. She even gets told what not to do from her siblings. She hates when I tell her to focus, but I have no idea what else to do. I know it will just get worse. Just this morning she was in tears because she can’t remember to do her assignments because she is busy playing, jumping around and loses focus so easy.

This is a new road we are taking. I am nervous about it, about the meds, about side effects, about how her personality may alter (good or bad). But we need a change. She and I and her daddy, are exhausted with how things are going right now.
So here we go.

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