could be worse…a not for the kitties

Some things change and somethings don’t. Monkey #1 shooting a gun is something I never thought I would see and who new she would hit the bulls eye twice in a row! Monkey #3 out in her underwear in high heels early in the morning sing and dancing is an often occurrence ever since she was 3 years old, makes me smile.
Now on to my story. You know the children’s book about the grandpa always telling his grandkids “it could be worse” every time they come to him with a problem? Well not the case with the Tina and Bones.

Our kitties love to sit up on the wheels of our cars to keep warm. We are always careful when we drive out of the garage to go slow and cautious. I needed to go out early one morning on a trip to logan, backed out of the garage, felt a bump, looked to see nothing but a toy the kitties play with so I went on. I get a call a while later while driving from lumber jake saying ” Did you know you ran over the bones?” our sweet white kitty. My heart sank. “What?” almost in tears. Monkey #4 apparently came running into lumber jakes office tears brimming in his eyes holding (dead) bones hunched over his shoulder saying, “I need you dad. Bones isn’t doing anything!!” Blood was on the garage floor.
I guess my slow reverse didn’t wake the kitty up and I ran over it. Lumber jake went and buried the kitty.
Later that day it was time to go get the two monkey’s off their bus, and we were regretting what we needed to tell them. They will be devastated! I was still in logan when I get another phone call. Monkey #2 got off the bus and found tina at the end of our road laying on the ground barely alive. HOw in the world had it gotten a mile away from home? We think she got in the truck wheel well and got carried down there.
They brought it back home but she wouldn’t eat or move. I told them to try warm milk. It drank a bit of that and started moving around a little but only with her front legs, dragging the back ones behind. Oh I felt awful, do we put it out of its misery? After a few hours it seemed to be doing better, maybe we should wait.
Over the night tina died. Tender hearted monkey 2 was in tears.
I had to get more kitties for them. I called, looked on ksl, called some more, went to a house to get some kitties I called on but no one was there. I inquired info from internet and grocery store. When you need kitties they are no where to be found. I finally heard that we have a humane society to adopt pets. So me and lumber jake got in the truck and drove 20 minutes to look at some kitties. They are not yet old enough to come to our house yet, so we wait. I was ready to adopt a lot more than just those two kitties we got. Every animal I saw there an “ahhhhh” came out of my mouth and wanted to take it home. I don’t think hubby is going to let me go there very often. The puppies I saw there were the cutest things I have ever seen, and if it were not for them being adopted already, we would be an owner of another white fluffy dog. I guess we will just have to settle on the kitties with our name on them. But I can’t help but wonder if these kitties just signed their death sentence.
Total kitty death in the house in the trees in one year, 5.

R.I.P. Tina, you fat lard and sweet bones. you were cute, playful kitties we will place the new kitties in a place other than the garage.

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  1. Megan Cochran says:

    Dang. Sorry Stac! Hope the new kitties are cheering everyone up.

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