a brick wall

mason work

I love old world style. Boston or New York where they have loft apartments with large brick walls. I have always wanted one. We set out to find a brick looking to be old style and even the mason was nice enough to cut the brick and lay it in the old style, even though it took more work.
I feel so grateful to have the wants on my list for my dream house come true (thank you lumber jake). I love it. This wall is in our basement which we are slowly chipping away at getting down. I may even be able to say I feel the urge to paint! I might have just committed myself once hubby reads this.
This wall is the work the mason was doing when we figured out our well wasn’t performing enough for our house full of monkey’s. We have the permit done to get a new one, we have been calling everyday in hopes they will come out, but we have no new well dug. Do they not realize the ground will be frozen, like, tomorrow?! We have to alternate showers, alternate dishwasher, and laundry and not flush the toilet if the laundry is going or else a loud pumping sound will erupt and barely get the water down and refill. It is a blessing in disguise the masons left the water on for days, so we can get our water problem solved, because I was wondering for a whole year why we have dirt in our washer and bath tubs.

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