a gluten for punishment

happy halloween

It looks a bit like halloween at my house. I get to anxious to see my monkey’s faces when I get all the holiday decorations they have missed over the year out and displayed. Especially for halloween and christmas, which are my favorite to decorate for. It isn’t even Oct yet and I have them out so I can’t blame monkey #4 for asking “is halloween tomorrow?” He will be saying that for 35 more days.

I had a classic Stacie moment today. I am no good when it comes to adding, subtracting or fractions. Anything involving numbers, I pretty much have no clue. Like for instance, I mixed a huge amount of mortar in a five gallon bucket to do some tile work and Lumber Jake asked why I mixed so much, because the mortar reached to the top of the bucket (we did not need that much) and my response was, “well I mixed it 80/30.” I was dead serious and hadn’t a clue why he had a smile on his face. So today I was in a conversation about my halloween decorations and this person I was having this conversation with, knew how many kids I have and their ages. She is a newly wed and only has one monkey. I told her I put my decorations for halloween up and she said that she only had like two pumpkins to put out, and I explained to her when we were first married I had very little too but over the years I would just buy on clearance, decorations at TJ Maxx when halloween was over. I went on to say, “Now we have been married for about 10 years (with a questioning look on my face, then turned to a knowing face of yes 10 years) I have gotten an accumulation of stuff.
Fast forward to when I got home and cleaning the bathroom. I stopped and thought, huh I have a 14 year old daughter. I wonder if she thinks I was married before lumber jake or if we had her out of wed lock because dang it all if I can’t add!!

ps I had to sit and add twice, even involving my fingers to figure out the 35 days until halloween, having to change it because at first I put 33.

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