and he turns…older.

birthday boy

Lumber Jake had a birthday this month, and this post is about him. Happy Birthday!!
We are so grateful for you! Your hard work, your dedication to family and church. I am jealous of our kids dad. I wish I had a dad that you are to our kids. Monkey #4 could not look up to a better person to model himself after than you. I love the question’s you get asked by them and wonder, how in the world you will answer it and then you pull out the, “Well, you see…” and then give this lengthy answer using big words I need to get a dictionary for and I am wondering how in thee world you knew that. When my response would have just been, “I don’t know.” Your brain amazes me! And I shouldn’t be sad that we are getting older, because your wisdom will just increase. I am looking forward to many years of the answers you will give our monkey’s
Love ya

lumber jake

We have, at our house in the trees, an one going joke about Lumber Jake texting me while I am in the house. I could be in the kitchen and he is in the next room and he will text me. Sometimes I will ignore it because, for real? I am just right here! He does it and I can just see him smiling a wicked smile cause he knows I am rolling my eyes. The other night this was the case, however, he texted me a picture. This picture. He cracks me up.

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