our massive hills to conquer

Monkey #4 has been riding his bike since he was 2 1/2 and that is without training wheels. His training wheels came off after a month, he wanted nothing to do with them. He loves his bike. He is always thinking of what new tricks he can do, what jumps he can build to jump off. He loves to watch Danny Macaskill doing his awesome tricks on you tube (see the below pic).

thinking, “Hmmm how can I do that trick” watching danny macaskill

riding up the hill

When we first moved here I would take a bike ride with him up this hill but it was to tough for his little legs so he would get off his bike and walk it up. After a minute he would get back off and try again, but get back off frustrated. This year however he just recently rode with his dad up the hill, without getting off! Lumber Jake said he was so tired, but he kept pumping and pumping, his face about ready to cry. But he kept pumping. He finally made it all on his own and was so proud! He came back home with a big grin and after I was told the story and gave him my high five and “way to go” you’d never would have seen a more proud expression.
Time for bed arrived and Daddy did the story thing and tucking in thing and glass of water thing and finally night time prayer thing. Lumber Jake went to get up and turn out the lights when Monkey 4 said, “But dad you didn’t tell Heavenly Father how I made it up that big hill today!”
Such true words coming from a small boy! Heavenly Father does want to know our success, our failures, our sadness, our happiness, and He wants to show us how proud He is when we reach our massive hills we climb.

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