peaches and pears and salsa….oh my!

Life in the trees has been very domestic these past few days. I must say canning, which I have never done myself, is very gratifying. Backing aching work but gratifying none the less.

Since I had never done any sort of thing such as this before and not really having any sense of amounts I ordered 2 bushels peaches and 2 bushels pears. Good gravy why didn’t anyone tell me how much that was!! We picked them up and had 4 wooden crates of peaches and 4 wooden crates of pears. I was going to have to put on my canning apron and get to work. So I did, along with my peach peeler helpers, Monkey 1-3 got to work and peeled and peeled. And hallelujah for blanching, I am a big fan of that.


Pears are sitting right next to the peaches, and they both look so pretty but I will say the pears that I juiced (oh yes did I mention that) are so good, it tastes so pure I love it! I will do more of that in the future.

frozen peaches and pears

I like protein smoothies in the morning after my run so I froze some peaches and pears for that, why not I had enough good heavens.

On my way home from the market I saw a sign for fresh corn for sale. Well shoot, might as well add that to my week. So I got 12 dozen. Fresh corn, although you might not see a lot of nourishment from it since ex sugar hood sis in law let us know what was left over in the sewer plant on a school visit (thanks for that visual sis), sure does taste good going down.

ahh salsa

A few days later I saw tomatoes for sale on the side of the road. Salsa! That sounds so good. I decided a was going to bottle some. I texted horse riding sis in law to get what I needed for salsa and the list said lots of things including pepper. Well the brain that I have wondered if I should get green bell peppers or red bell peppers. Well red peppers won, I bought 5.
I stopped by the side of the road after getting all my fresh ingredients. Talked for 15 minutes to the guy selling them, talking to me about how he made his first million by the time he was 15 years old, that is of coarse after he ran away from home. He made his other millions by living in a shack in another state, having no bills, no tax and starting and selling companies and keeping some green colored rag in his pocket. After asking, found out he has no one to share it with.
The guy was nice, just a little too personal. All I wanted was some tomatoes. He gave me the name of a book I need to buy, something about the best thing you will ever do, or the greatest blessing you will ever get? Not quite sure, like I said I just wanted some dang tomatoes. I got into my car thinking I was done with my life lesson, when he turned and came back over. I rolled down my window to get an ear full about red wheat, and how yeast is the devil. hmmm.
So I got home and all ready with my 6 timed batch recipe to make the salsa when the light bulb went off on the recipe that was texted to me earlier. Pepper!! Like salt and pepper. OH!
I had 5 red peppers, I was not going to waste them so I added those to recipe, and it actually turned out awesome! It added a little sweetness to the spicy jalapeño. I thought about going to get more tomatoes, to make more because hubby and I are eating it like crazy it is so good. Maybe I will just want until another vendor comes to sell them.

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