school is in

Oh the good ol’ days on the first day of school, when the night before you lay out your new outfit, your shoes squeak because they are brand spanking new, your back pack is stocked with supplies and your mom gets to take a picture of you in your outfit, you had in mind days before, that may haunt you the rest of your days (as was the case in the 80′s and 90′s).

To my monkey’s, your welcome!

big high schooler

Monkey #1 love high school, the first day I was able to be in town to pick her up and the first thing she said was, “I saw so many hot guys!!” I am glad she knows what is important :) .

6th grader, ruler of the school

Monkey #2 in the oldest grade at the elementary, the high school started a week earlier than all the rest of the school so she was dying and couldn’t wait to go! My house must not be too fun because the elementary goers could not wait!

4th grader, moved to a different elementary

Monkey #4 moved to a different school. The K-3 grade goes in town while 4-6 goes in Osmond. She did great and I couldn’t believe it when this girls said she couldn’t wait to get homework. Weird.


I was a bit nervous out monkey #4, he tends to cling to me when surrounded by new people. However his new teacher made it easy and he went right in while I sat in the car. My mouth dropped!

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