here kitty kitty

tina, ya fat lard

I am at war, with mice. We have them, lots of them, in the house, in the garage, in our car and nesting all along our house, and I am rather tired of them. So first of all I got some cats. Who knew I would have kitties, and actually like them. Then I got some peppermint oil. They don’t like the smell so I put it along the outside of the house where they have their nests and the places I think they are getting in. We got some insulation foam as for the big vent we suspect as well. Did you know that a mouse can get into a whole the size of a pencil. limber buggers. Another method I was not tempting to try, but rather funny, is getting a coke in a low cup so the mouse can drink it. Mice can’t pass gas. So no burps or toots, so once it drinks the coke it will bloat up and die. As funny as that concept is, I am not wanting to find a bloating mouse anywhere a mile from my house.
I have killed more than I would like to count, so when one run along my platform bed while I was reading, I got serious. I got the traps, sticky traps, bate traps decon food, and cats. The sticky traps I like best because then I could let the kitties at it, and then they knew what they could catch in a abundance.

This little kitty above, we named her Tina, went at it. She is feline at its best. She growled and hopped and smacked that thing around then tore into it like it had never had a meal.
This little kitty below, we named her bones she being white and plus we love the show, did not. She acted like a southern belle sniffing it and turning ever so casually away, not wanting any part of it. Too good for that little mouse.

bones….anthropologically speaking

I often the mice in my bath tub. They can’t get out so they run and run and run trying to get up the sides. It is rather funny. One morning I found one running and this great idea came to me, go get Tina, our vicious feline, let her loose in the tub and so what happens. Ok so this is classic me, I thought “oh this will be such a good idea, and then I won’t have to have hubby get another one out, again. So it all went fine, I put Tina in and it started to growl and play and toss the mouse, and I thought I am not going to watch, so I left. Curious a minute later, I came in to see my bath tub smeared with mouse blood all over and the kitty still playing around with it. A massacre happened and I was grossed out! I then went to tell hubby there was blood all over the tub. Now my tub is pretty deep and thought the kitty would be contained, but when I came back to see the progress the kitty was coming out of my bathroom with dead mouse in mouth. AUGH!!! I grabbed that kitty without thinking running it toward the outside, thinking why did we not have a door to the outside in our bedroom. Running down the hall up the few stairs, “holy poop” the kitty just dropped the mouse! Bent to have the kitty retrieve the mouse and ran through the dinning room down the family room having to touch an bit of the mouse so it wouldn’t drop again and finally out the door.
OH. MY. GOODNESS. What was I thinking.

Luckily we have not had any mice in our house since.

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  1. Mallari E says:

    Ha ha ha ha thanks for the laugh Stacie! I can totally picture that happening and I was seriously laughing out loud!

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