What the well?

I admit it, I have blog laziness. I am not proud about it, and I need to face the fact of the matter. I need help.

well pump

We have been here in the trees full time for a year. Crazy I know. However it wouldn’t be a celebration of living in this house with out some sort of bad news (since building this house has been one bad news after the other). We have had some brick work done in the basement (pics to come) and have had masons in and out of our house for weeks. Last saturday we went to bear lake and came home to water sputtering out of our faucets, along with dirt. None of us could take a shower. Hubby went outside to see what was going on and found the masons had left the water hose on, for is must be two days or so. Long story short is we had our well tested after a couple of days dealing with dirty toilet water and drinking water. Our well only produces 3 gallons a minute. Bro-in-law down the road, his well, produces 30 gallons per minute.
“You need to dig a new well.” We were told.

Happy 1 year anniversary to us!

one year later

I woke up this morning on the first day of school (for the elementary) and was thankful how differently we were arranged in our house. We had a sink, we had a pantry with food in it. We had a stove to cook an egg sandwich the monkey #3 can’t get enough of. We didn’t all have to eat and get ready, while hubby tries to get a few more winks in, in one little room. What a welcomed change this morning was from last year and I am very grateful! Those are a bit of a nightmare flashback I don’t visit often.
It has been a struggle in more ways than one moving here, and while it has been a year, I do have more peace about it. It is hard to move anywhere. In this small town we moved to everyone knew we were coming. In laws talked about us coming, our neighbors talked about us coming and so a lot of the community new who we were before we even knew them. That made it hard, because we weren’t greeted as if we were new. If that makes sense.
My kids are loving it here and say they wouldn’t move back, if given the choice. It is a great place for kids. Where we were from I felt like my kids were a number, one among the crowd, where here the numbers are small and they are able to be leaders and have opportunities where they wouldn’t before.

It does make me happy driving up this driveway, seeing the trees, and the unique house among them. We moved here for our kids, but I think it will help all of us grow closer together as a family.

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  1. Carol says:

    I’m sorry that you are so unhappy here, Stacie.

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