do not try this at home

tin foil, bad

The old advice your grandmother gave you to line your oven with tin foil to catch the spills from pies over flowing is not the case with the newer ovens (as I found out the hard way) Or you just aren’t suppose to leave it in for multiple bakings. I made some pies for monkey #1′s birthday and left the tin foil in by accident. I thought to take it out a couple of days later, but I had to leave for girls camp. And this is the result from using the oven with the tin left in. It is so baked on I can’t even scape it off, and it emits fumes when the oven is on. I was worried I had cost my lumber jake more money with my forgetfulness. I was sick to my stomach, my brand new oven. I googled and googled and found that I might be able to purchase a new inner lining.
The appliance store here looked it up and yes I am able to buy the part and for a lot cheaper than I thought. whew. now we just have to go to all the work getting the stinkin’ liner in.

ps appliance lady kindly said, “In the manuel for the oven it says not to use foil in the oven, just so you know.”
Yeah um who reads the manuel?

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