and the color is…

When I ask monkey #2 what her favorite color is, she always thinks about it for a minute and says, all the colors! Not wanting the other colors to feel bad by just choosing one. I, too, love all the colors, but am partial to green and brown. Can you tell? We debated back and forth what color to do, a parchment color or green or red. We really liked this house on a prefab website, so green it is.

two toned green

side view


The two colors, yes they are two different colors, were suppose to be more contrasted, my bad, I worried about it being too yellow. The bottom pictures are the first coat and the top picture is the coat we had him lighten the color and repaint it to make more contrast. Painter said he new right when he painted it the first time we would want it lighter. How well he knows us. He is a nice guy and redid it for us. The trim color turned out wonderful, I love it and the glue lamb beams he coated a honey color to make them stand out and hide some of the water stains we got over the months and months of snow.

I love it! Put a smile on my face, raise my hands up and pump them happy! He just started a few days ago so this is all the green he has to show. I think painter knew I was excited to see the green and did these first, there is more to come.

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  1. Emily Sim says:

    Yes! I totally love it!

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