SV 13.1

Never in my life did I think I would ever say I completed a half marathon. I hated running all my life, but about 2 years ago I wanted to do the ragnar in 2011 so I trained and had such a good time and have been going ever since.
The other day I was in church and some one said to me, “So, you jog, huh?” I kind of chuckled to myself and a bit sarcastically said,”Yeah, I jog.” a bit deflated as well cause even though I don’t claim to be a fast runner by any means, it just doesn’t sound as cool to say, “I jogged a half marathon!”


Up and early at 5 am to get bused up to the starting line at 6 am.

I wished I could say I ran along side my speedy gonzales sis in law, but alas I jog and she does not. She did awesome coming in 2nd in her age group. I made a goal at the beginning to make it sooner than 2:11 and I did it in 2:10, so I was glad about that.

race to the finish

I was at girls camp all week before the race, I didn’t get much sleep for four days so I was a bit tired. I ran too fast in the beginning, it was down hill the first 2 miles and it was just too fun to go slow so by mile 7 I was a bit tired and wondering what why in the H@#$ I was doing this. But by mile 10 and 11 it was almost done and I felt great and excited I was on the home stretch.


after a well deserved chocolate milk

Here we are at the end, feeling not to shabby. We had a nice chocolate milk, got our shirts, got speedy gonzales award and a half marathon was checked off my bucket list. Next year I plan to run!

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  1. Keri says:

    Congrats! BTW your family is beautiful, I can’t believe how grown-up they are!

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