could I feel any older??

Putting these pictures up of all my kids getting bigger and growing up makes me feel old. I almost didn’t do it :) . The older I get the more confused I get about my behavior, thinking I should act my age. Should I go to Lagoon with 6 14 year olds and ride all the rides with them like I want to or will they think it is just weird…well I did, and hopefully they didn’t mind me tagging along, because I love lagoon. But driving back at 2 in the morning I wasn’t feel like such a young’en. As the new school year approaches I always marvel at how my kids just look older, so that must mean I look older too…hummmm.

growing older

What an awesome young lady she is becoming, turning the big 14 this month. The things she has learned from moving here have been life lessons and as a mother I was glad she learned them (through lots of praying and praying and praying). She has become quite the leader among her friends and I hear her say encouraging words to them, helping them. I laughed and laughed when she was asked to speak in church on “dating” because I knew it would be her least favorite thing and topic, but boy she did us proud! She is heading into high school and I hope she remembers those life lessons cause she will need them.


Pre-teen life. What a grateful pre-teen she is! She is the first one to say thanks and the first one to get her jobs done. She is always willing to help and it always giving hugs and kisses. I am thankful every day that she is here and can laugh and play. We are now going every 6 months for her cancer check ups! Every time we go I hold my breath for the clean bill of health and breath a big sigh of relief (as I did yesterday). She has her long term bone marrow check up in a few weeks and will have her heart, eyes, dental, and lots of vials of blood tested. She can’t wait to start school, and go into the young women’s program in church and lucky me gets to be in there with her!

wild child

Yesterday we went to back to school shopping and this girl got her perfect shirt for school. Big Bright colors saying WILD CHILD! She thought that was awesome cause, “I’m wild, and I’m a child!” I let her get it. There was not more a true statement said than that. With all her energy, she is the first one to be concerned when I have a bad day, have a cry. She goes to a new school this year and it a little nervous, but I know she will have 12 new friends on the first day.

not a little boy

When I took this photo, I almost cried. He looks like a boy, a grown up big boy. Not a little boy anymore (although when he is crying and clinging to me not wanting to go into primary, I have different thoughts). He always wants to make money. He wants to do chores so he can put his money into his big red monster truck money jar. He often just takes any spare change he finds around, thinking if it isn’t taken it must be his. He can handle being an only boy to the house hold of girls, he holds his own and is a stubborn kid. He is a talker, he talks and talks and then when we tell him to be quiet for a minute he figures he might as well get his last thought out and so he talks some more. One sunday before church from 8 to 9 he said “Dad” thirty times. He loves his dad. I don’t blame him!

heart breaker

This little one is breaking my heart with her getting bigger. Funny as can be and such a big copy cat you’ve ever seen, we all better watch what we do and say because I catch her doing all sorts of things me and the kids do. She goes around following monkey 4 repeating everything he says and that is quite a talent because that is hard to do since he says ALOT! She loves to give hugs and I hope that doesn’t go away.

With all these five monkey’s I have a lot of laundry, a lot of dishes, a lot of cuts and scraps to mend, a lot of toilets to clean and shoes to pick up, decorating to do, outfits to help pick out, hair to do, breakfast, lunch and dinner to make, hugs to give, arms to wrestle…maybe that is why I feel so old.

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