create your own matte

Sometimes you just have a wall that is very long and very large and you don’t know what to do with it. Here is an idea you can do yourself. Take a photo you like (these photos are 8×10) and I always have canvas lying about but you can get them pretty cheap at micheal’s, and you will need them slightly bigger than your photo. I painted the edges of the canvas black, got some scrapbook paper that would match her decor and ripped them and modge podged them to my liking to create a matte.

wall decor

wall decor

After the glue was dry I went back with the black paint and lightly covered the edges of the paper, hiding they ripped edges. Once that dried I modge podged the photo right on top. Then layer some glue over the whole canvas. I would use a matte finish modge podge on top so when you cover it the photo isn’t so shiny.
I added a white frame with no glass, to finish it (the frame was from hobby lobby). It makes a bigger space fill better doing it this way, plus they are adorable frames. So if your summer isn’t packed with activities a plenty and you need a summer project, well, here you go. Easy.

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