Every birthday at our house you get to wear this hat. It gets a trinket added on to it every year which brings back memories when we bust it out each year. Traditions are great no matter how silly.
Monkey #3 turned 9 today. Nine seems to be a good one for this girl, and I have already enjoyed her at this age and it has only been 12 hours.

birthday girl

This year she wanted a cake with fireworks in the sky and her whole family watching them. Well I did the best I could with that request. She stated when I set the cake down in front of her, “Just what I wanted!” And that brought a smile to my face. She is easy to please.

cute birthday girl

I was telling her at our birthday luncheon (another family tradition) that as I was in the hospital having just given birth to her and the nurses where cleaning her up, outside were the cache valley fireworks display. Did it foreshadow the upcoming life of this little one? I think so! She has been such a ball of fire! Spunky, hilarious, energetic, tender hearted, suborn and imaginative. I have always said she could have a reality show all to herself!

I love her smile, her love of younger children (she is a wonderful baby sitter). She would play all day with them. Although in monkey 4′s card to her he did wish her a happy birthday but said he hoped she would let him be a dog next time they play house. I do too! It causes so much crying I have to intervene. An episode of her reality show perhaps? haha

I always think of her as “my wild girl” as Joe is called by her father in the Little Women movie we love. So happy birthday to my wild girl! XOxo

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