BIG fun in the Big state of Texas

It was to much fun to take the time out to blog while we were in Texas (is has nothing to do with the fact I couldn’t figure out how to log into the internet at the hotel)! We went to visit the Texas cousins and they showed us a good time and feed us well! When you go to Texas you have to have yourself some blue bell ice cream and that is what we did first thing. We went to the nearest H.E.B grocery and got 4 1/2 gallons and joked that is would last maybe two days. We had 10 kids and 3 adults and it was gone in a day and a half. Brother in law is now known as the professional ice cream scooper extraordinaire! I cannot compete.

We went to so many places and had so many laughs. We rode rides both mechanical and water, we ate at the famous Rudy’s and Chuy’s saw a guy riding a 15ft bike with speakers in Austin, was caught in the middle of a Texas rain storm downing pouring 8 inches of water in 2 seconds and I was warm!!

Thanks to our Texas relatives for showing us a good time, it was fun to be with my older monkey’s laughing and having a great time, staying up late and getting sick on corn dogs and blue bell!

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