off to camp hobe

These two monkeys are off to camp hobe for a week. This picture was taken a few years ago and go ahead and LOL, I did.

lil' monkey 2 and 3

Monkey #3 as you can probably tell got a hold of the scissors, twice that year, and this was the first cut. The facial expressions show their personalities, and made me miss them at this age.
These two are so excited to go to camp hobe, a camp for kids and siblings that has or has had cancer. It is a wonderful camp! They have a ton of fun and get to be around people who have similar situations. Last year was to be her last year to qualify to go to (you can only go until three years after treatment) but last year she had the worst case of shingles the doctors have ever seen and we were in the hospital for a week and because of the low immunity of the kids at the camp she or my other two monkey’s couldn’t go. The were very sad. The camp mama made an exception for us and we get to go one last year. Monkey #2 is also excited to maybe be in a cabin with a camp councilor that is one of her favorite people. She has been telling me she can’t wait to go for days. I am so happy for her that she gets to go and I don’t have to worry about her getting fevers.

Have fun my cute monkey’s!!

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