9 months

It has been nine months since we moved. 9 months is long enough to grow a baby in a uterus, and to pass off another grade in school, so why isn’t it long enough to fit into a new place. When we moved I worried and worried about my monkey’s fitting in and making new friends, however didn’t think I had to worry about me. And then it is a weird feeling to go visit the old neighborhood and to view someone in your old house gardening, pulling things out, parking in the garage and living in the house you lived in for so long. The chatting with your friends and realizing life there goes on without you. They have their worries and struggles and bbq’s and new cars that you aren’t a part of anymore. At that moment I felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere. I admit I am an odd duck anyway but it was a strange feeling driving back home.

Each day that goes by makes it better and I didn’t shed tears this sunday so that is progress, right. The people here are nice and it is beautiful and I love, love my house, but at times I feel like something square being put in a round whole.
This week, I just did it, I shoved my nervousness down and extended an invite and it turned out to be such a great time! So maybe 9 months isn’t long enough to feel like you are fitting in all the way, but for me I guess it is long enough to gather the courage.

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3 Responses to 9 months

  1. Carol says:

    Good for you Stacie! Sometimes you just have to be the one to make the first move! Do you remember the Scarlet Monster book? Haha! It is a perfect example of what you are going through. Scarlet moves into her new house and then sits down and waits for company to come. The neighbors peek at her from behind the trees and bushes—not sure what to make of her. She doesn’t understand why they can’t see how beautiful and friendly she is—and cries and is very unhappy. Forgive me for not remembering exactly how it ends, but it seems like she makes treats and invites everyone to come to a party at her house and everything works out great! Now, you don’t have to invite everyone to a party at your house, but you are making steps in the right direction. You are a very unique person and you likely won’t find anyone “just like” you. Just some mother-in-law-ly advice—so you can take it or leave it. You will find, in life, that there are some really great people out there just waiting to be your friend. Some of them may not be as pretty as you, or as fit and trim as you, or as stylish as you, or as “hip” as you, or even in the same age bracket as you, but if you make an effort to get to know them, you will find interesting, talented, funny and admirable personalities and quite often, things that you have in common—and isn’t that how the Lord would have us look at each other? Maybe you could set a goal to introduce yourself to a certain number of people at church each week—make a point of going in and sitting by someone in S.S. and R.S. and introduce yourself. Get their name and ask them where they live and a little bit about them. Nicky Townsend did that exact thing to me when she moved here. We are all guilty of not doing this enough—but maybe you could watch for opportunities to compliment someone on their cute outfit, or hair style or color, or their cute baby, or nail polish color, the wonderful lesson they taught, or whatever. And yes, invite them to dinner—or for popcorn and a movie—or a cookout. Before you know it, things will be sooo much better. Love you Stace! So sorry you are having a hard time. We want you to love it here as much as we do. It will come. Don’t get discouraged.

  2. Kelly Louder says:

    You’re not the only one. It takes me a good year before I feel like I fit in when I move. I’d hang out with you if I lived by you!:)

  3. Joanna says:

    Oh Stacie, life goes on, but we will always love you!!!!! We miss having you on our block and your cute little family! It is wierd for us too!!! Your life in the trees looks amazing however and someday you will think it was weird that once you felt like you didn’t belong. It always takes time!!

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