they make knives outta that?

These knives are so cool! They are so sharp and they are made out of porcelain!? Who’d a thought.

Coolest framer ever and his lovely wife, when they came up a while back, brought these handy knives. (As well and some other thoughtful home warming gifts). I have been meaning to post these but they are always dirty, I am constantly using them and one is even missing in the dishwasher. They picked them up at Sam’s club and I must say I love them. I sliced my finger pulling it out of the protector they come with. A rather deep one. It hurt like more than any other knife cut I have had (and I have a few under my belt)! I should have gotten stitches but I was in a hurry and well I just didn’t want to. So, I know, these bad boys are sharp!
I don’t think you are suppose to cut meat with them, but for fruits and veggies (even tomatoes) they slice right though like butter. Love them! Thank you coolest framer and his lovely wife!

porcelain knives

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