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Here is my latest piece. I decided to do something bold and something that reminds me of summer. I am not quite sure if I like the bi-polar spring here in the trees. One day it will be sunny and then the next 5 or 6 will be rain and snow! Then a few days warm and the next I have to cover my potted flowers because the temps drop to 28 degrees!! So I wanted summer so I painted summer.

a little summer

a little summer

This is in my entryway a bright color against a white wall makes it pop out. I used a lot of paint and a lot of layering to create the different backgrounds. Just squirt on lightly spread paint let dry and do some more. Now the flower was a whole other story. I about bagged this painting and started over and I used a lot of black paint. It still isn’t exactly what I wanted for this space, I had a totally different vision for this wall. I rarely, if ever, start a painting without knowing what it will be, I either have a picture of it in my head as to how it will be with a fabric I like or a picture or something for my inspiration, but this wall my hubby had a vision too. The painting I wanted for a bold wall was a white painting. But my hubby’s vision was white wall bold painting. So the paining in my mind wouldn’t work so I just started, I was wanting something new and I needed to get the big canvas off the floor. I had no idea what I was going to do and maybe that is why it didn’t turn out how I was hoping because there just wasn’t really an end product in my mind, but it makes me think of summer so I guess my goal was accomplished.

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