rolled up roses

It is snowing in the trees and I felt like being crafty and watching my favorite version of Jane Eyre, the 2007 version from BBC miniseries. Love it! So while I watched, I created these lovelies.

rolled roses

rolled roses in a bunch

smaller roses

I did a small version, in the cluster and a larger one that stands alone. I will show how to make the big ones, so if you want small ones you just make smaller strips.

cut felt

I wanted this one to look vintage so I used cream felt. You can use what ever color you would like.
Cut the strips so one side is larger, cutting it smaller at the tip. You can cut how ever many you would like.
I think after I post this I am going to sit down make three rather large ones, just for fun! After all it is still snowing!

cut edge

clip the left side, so it isn’t so bulky when you roll.

glue tip to start the roll

glue guns are divine! Glue the unclipped side to start the rolling process. If you start rolling at an angle you will get taller roses. If you go straight they will be smaller and a bit fatter. Glue, once, mid roll and then glue the tip to close it up.

all rolled up

Glue just the bottoms of the roses together, hiding the glued tips that you ended with when you were done rolling.

fray some ribbon

Once all your roses rolled, get a ribbon, make it longer than you think you will need because you can just cut them off if they end up being long. I used a quarter inch ribbon. Cut the ribbon in half, length wise, and start pulling, stripped and yank to fray it.
p.s. keep the discarded fray for later

wedged ribbon

Weave and wedge the ribbon in how you like. I use a little bit of glue to keep the ribbon in place once I figured how I wanted it weaved. This is where you can use the discarded fray. Where the dab of glue is to keep the ribbon in place put some fray in as well.
Then you cut the ends of the ribbon to the length you desire.

glued together

Put glue in the middle of the roses. I squeezed all the roses together once the glue was in there to hide any glue or unwanted ribbon.

tie a ribbon round

tie a ribbon

I then used some more ribbon to tie it around securing all the roses together. I decided just to knot it, you can tie it into a bow if you’d like and also even use larger ribbon.
For the larger rolled roses I added a round cut out piece of felt on the back it hid the bottom, the smaller one I didn’t put anything on the back until the collage was put together. I put a a covered clip on the back, added a finished touch of some little buttons I had, and there you have it. Time to make another one.

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