the protector

See moose.
See moose run.
See moose sleep.


I have always been concerned about the wild animals living amongst us in the trees. More and more deer, male and female, are coming out of hiding and walking around. I worry most about bears. I haven’t seen one of those yet (cross your fingers) but if I do I am sure the whole valley will know, because my scream would be so loud. Wait, are you suppose to scream with bears? Keep still?  See my dilemma?

Moose has always be a scaredy-dog. He is gentle and wouldn’t hurt a fly and lets Then grab him by the jaws and shack him, while just shaking his tail in delight.  People here have told me if I have a dog I won’t have to worry about the animals, the dog will scare them off.  I just laughed to my self thinking,”well if you’ve met my dog, I don’t think you would say that.”

I happen to walk by the kitchen windows and it gives me a view of the driveway. To my surprise I see a deer, ears cocked looking in my direction, and then I couldn’t believe what I saw. Moose barreling after this deer, full force with a growl. The deer bucked and bounced for her life. I raced to another window to see if I could witness more of his un scaredy-dog behavior. But he was gone. I waited a minute to see if he came back. Nothing. Worried, I went out calling his name. He came running the way the deer had gone patted his head and the next thing I new he was sleeping like this in our garage, tuckered out from his morning watch.

Good moose.

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