deja vu

It seems to me it was just a mere four months ago we were in a construction zone…oh wait…it was. It maybe that we are needing to be hospitalized.

the warning sign

our warning sign, thanks monkey 3!

We have started another project, the kids play house. It actually is a good thing we (and when I say we I mean, lumber jake, because this part with numbers is his expertise and mine will come later when it is time to paint, decorate and put the toys in there proper place) started this because our kids need a place to play and mommy is tired of toys being everywhere. There were many ideas we bounced back and forth but the one that stuck is a ski lodge theme. It will have multiple levels and the one we are working on is the first level, a cabin or tree house monkey#4 calls it. We are re-using all the wood from the play set outside by the original place. It was made out of some awesome wood which is aged and already distressed. the roof and the ladder are taken from the play set. We will use the fire pole from it and a rope ladder too. It will have an alpine slide going down on the left opening and a fire pole on the right straight down from the ceiling beam.

the cabin

This will be the window of the cabin. It will be there so you can enjoy the spectacular view of…a wall mounted tv, so they can kick back and watch a flick. We have a tv to mount on the opposite side of the playhouse. They like just reading books up there too.
The monkey’s have already shown us there skills with climbing up and down and reading those books quietly. Mommies going to like this when it is done!

My favorite thing about this picture above is, in the left corner, you can see monkey #4′s play drill. He has been helping his daddy build it and that makes me happy.

the window

Between levels there will be a walkway to the ladder to get to the upper level. We will have railing across it made out of skis. The upper level will be their ski lodge to put their play kitchen up there so they can create some not so awesome burgers but charge an arm and a leg.

and to come...

I will say that being under this particular construction zone hasn’t been too bad, I have a kitchen sink, a dishwasher, a fridge, hardwood floors in and I don’t have a common area bedroom!

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