ode to the youngest

When you are to become a mother for the first time and you feel the little tiny flitters in your stomach of when the first motion of your unknown child making its presence known, you have no idea how much love you will feel for it when you finally meet the little one around 5 months later. You are told about a mothers love and how strong it is, you are told how frustrating of a job it is. Going to battle of wills for the 100th time with the little 3 year old, turning into the devil at the checkout stand at the grocery store, but you have no clue until you actually go through it for yourself. Such the case with most things in life. So fast forward a couple years with 5 monkey’s of my own and with the good and the bad I have enjoyed it all, and maybe some one did tell me about the last baby, but like I said to actually go through it is very emotional for me. Your final baby, the last of all your first baby smiles, first steps, first words, the last baby laugh, the last of breastfeeding (and sometimes that isn’t so hard to have end) and then put her in blue eyes (the one and only monkey in my family) and that adorable smile, well forgetaboutit! She just has to bat her bright blues and say the word peeese, and I am putty in her hands. It is heart wrenching to know you won’t have a little ones pattering feet in the mornings, the giggly laugh at nothing at all. The quizzical look on her face when she “foduts” aka farted. And the exclamation of “WHOA DOGGY” when she is getting her stinking bum changed. Don’t get me wrong, all my kids had this about them at one point. With my first monkey when she was a young once asked for some candy, I thought, “I’m the mom! I can say yes!” and so I did, a little to often. But I have never experienced a last child before and it breaks my heart. I want to bottle her talking and laughing in a jar and then listen to it whenever I want. She had to sleep in a big bed yesterday because of some contraction going on by her bedroom and she did wonderfully. No getting up playing around went straight to sleep, I was so proud of her and then I paused…wait…she is not getting a big girl bed, not yet!! I love this little monkey and am so glad she is in our family, she makes it fun and bright and cheerful!! ps and if you think I have it hard with the youngest, ask me about having only one boy!

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