summer food

One of the fun things about the different seasons I enjoy, is the different foods each ones brings. Fall/Winter=soups and stews, homemade rolls, cinnamon or not, it doesn’t matter. Well, rolls are good anytime of year, are they not? But baking in general whether pie or broccoli cheese soup is perfect for these seasons.
Spring/Summer=tomato sandwiches, fresh fruits and colorful, eye candy summer salads. Yummy bruschetta, spaghetti noodles with olive oil and cherry tomatoes, and now this new light summer sandwich.

summer sandwich

a cucumber avocado sandwich which screams summer.

In food processor mix together
1 cucumber
1 avocado
1 T presto paste (I used a store bought kind)
1 t dill
a few drops lime juice

chop until fine, place on bread, it is delightful on lumber jakes homemade bread. Top with miracle whip or mayo. I am a miracle whip kind of a girl, and let your tastebuds delight! It is going to be my new summer food.

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