the red door in depth

I was so anxious to get my red door posted that when I did in my last post I didn’t say much about it. So now I will try to go in depth, because my excellent craftsman’s of a husband built it.

back side of the door

We have a step down from the old house that was here between the old and house and the new add on. It was a big opening and we wanted to close it off during the winter months in the day time to keep the heat in. I have always loved barns but since I am scared of horses and we aren’t really farmers I decided to bring the barn inside.
We bought this wood at a place in Black Foot, Id called trestlewood that sells refurbished barn wood. They have a huge lot of wood and you go and pick out the pieces you want. I wanted red for this door and I wanted it to look old and lumber jake likes to pick the best pieces so this place was the perfect place for us. We got the wood 8 months ago and it has been sitting in our garage collecting dust and moths. It was time to get it finished. But we first had to have the long piece of metal welded for the track to run along.


The long piece of metal has holes every twelve inches or so so that we can bolt it to the wall it also has two inch round holes on the opposite side of the holes so it gives a gab in between wall and metal for easy sliding. However putting the metal right on the wall wasn’t going to give our door enough room to close because we decided to trim out the opening of the one side of the the door jam. So we took the welded metal piece down after this picture was taken and put a piece of extra red wood behind the track horizantally (not shown in picture), which I like better anyway.
Lumber Jake put the wood together for the door by glueing and nailing the panels of the reclaimed wood to MDF (we wanted it beefy) which makes the door over 500 pounds, literally. It is a wide opening! We stained the wood with a clear coat multiple times so no slivers get into tiny fingers. We moved the beast in on ourselves, to my dismay, because I worry so much about the door tipping over and someone end up looking like the wicked witch of the west’s sister when the house fell on her. Luckily we had some manly and some womanly help to get the door in place, with no incident.

the hardware

The hardware from rustica, (soon to be purchased at screws onto the door(as seen in picture) and rolls on the track mounted on the wall. With a little adjustment of the washers and screws that attach to the wall, it slides like butter. We have no door pull, which will come soon, so the door is ridiculously heavy to pull closed (the hardware soon to be purchased at, but I am just happy it is up and sliding.
My vision of this door was surpassed by having it put in. It is better than I ever imagined and all the cool hardware and steel and bolts add such a commercial feel that I love. I love mixing old and new. I get giddy when I see it.

After seeing it up we decided to make anther sliding door going to our downstairs. It will look a little different than this one, we don’t have enough of the red wood. I hope it will be soon, and picture to come when it is done.

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