4 for $5.00

I cannot pass up a sale on strawberries, so life in the trees this weekend was very domestic. These yummy juicy morsels were pureed into two delightful recipes.


freezer is the way to go with strawberries

The first, freezer jam! This is the first batch to ever turn out for me. Crazy I know, who messes up freezer jam? um that would be me. Maybe the success had to do with the fact I purchased these very cute little containers to put it in…or that I just read the recipe correctly this time.

I used just your typical pectin recipe.
2 cups strawberry
4 cups sugar (good golly)
while sugar sits in strawberries boil the pectin with 3/4 cup water ( a step I missed before)
mix all together and pour into containers

Then is was onto strawberry syrup. Any fruit you can puree will work, and it is delicious!

the recipe

I wouldn’t double the recipe, do each batch on its own. I have tried to double the recipe, just to speed up the process, but it ended up turning brown in the bottles. It is more work but so worth having the beautiful red and not ugly brown.

your puree

I like to strain my fruit puree when I put it in the pan, because I don’t like chunks in my syrup but to each his own, you can have chunks in it if you want. You add all the ingredients, turn on the heat. Med heat, and stir to a boil. Boil a minute or so and pour into your clean jars. Clean off lid openings and make sure the lids have been boiled before you put them on.
Once you screw the lids on I have been told to tip the jars upside down. I did one batch that way and the another one I left them upright and they all sealed, so I have no idea if you should do that or not.

voila, as monkey #2 would say

One batch will make approx. 4 small jars. I someday want to try blueberries, but those darn fruits rarely go on sale. I have tasted, not made, plum syrup and that was tasty as well.

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  1. Charly says:

    I made strawberry jam too just on Wednesday! But goodness, mine seems a lot easier than yours. Ha ha. I would have totally messed that up.

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