my Red barn door

I am so in love with this door! I can’t explain to you the excitement I have at seeing this door! I leave and come back and see my red barn door complete, I am even more in love. My lumber jake built it from recycled old barn wood. It is double sided wrapped over mdf, which makes it super heavy duty.

my red barn door

the hardware

The door slides side to side with the use of these sweet hardware tracks and we had a metal rod made to attach on the wall that the track rolls on. We purchased the hardware from a company called rustica. We are soon to be suppliers of it at directdoorhardware.

close up on my red barn door

I mentioned this is one heavy door which made it hard for even two strapping men (hubby and handy josh) too heavy to lift. I and my monkey #1 had to step in to help which we felt pretty important because without our big guns, this door would not be installed.
Finally with some sweet maneuvering, and me freaking because of the heaviness and worse case thinking, it is in place and worth all the worrying . I am in LOVE with it!

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  1. Charly says:

    love love LOVE!!!!

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