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Our mason man is a wise man. He informed us, when we first moved in, because I was getting firewood that mountain people aren’t fat people because they work all winter moving firewood. Then the other day while we were getting a bid for our fireplace downstairs he laughed and said it is going to take us 15 years for us to get this house how we want. The story is that much better if you imagine his “mountain man” accent as he is saying it.
It feels like it will be 15 years until we get our house finished. The odds and ends, the basement, the sidewalks, retaining walls and now that the snow has melted all the garbage picked up from workers who didn’t see the big giant dumpster we had out front. However we did get the last of our cabinets we have been waiting for. Hooray!!

my red shelves!

My red shelves I was talking about in my last post…done! Don’t they look fabulous?

laundry island!

My laundry island/bench is complete! On the other side is open for laundry baskets. Now we wait for the countertop.

built in ironing board!

I have always wanted me one of these. Ironing board to tuck away when not in use, it also stores the iron inside! I am really excited to iron something.

lumber jake shelves

Lumber Jake FINALLY has a place to store is pants and shirts! Folding laundry is always the dreaded part of laundry, try folding them and not having a place to store them! My laundry experience is going to go so much better now.

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  1. Iwan says:

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