we call this the new family room

I have been waiting, as I always have done with this house, for my cabinets to get done. And no they have not. I was waiting to post picture of my new family room until I had my red shelves up and decorated. They are not done, but here is the post anyway because, well, I am tired of waiting.

a view head on

The shelves home is suppose to be above the metal lining where the wood for our fireplace resides. They are suppose to be two big chunky red shelves suspended in the wall. Just imagine.

side view

There is no rhyme or reason to how I decorate, no fung shway (i don’t even know if that is how you spell it) no analytical discussions to the way I decorate. I like mixing old with mod and using simple but bold accents. I have need of more pillows (for my bold accent) but I have finally learned it is better to just wait until you find just what you want (look at me grow). I know in my mind what I want and move things back and forth, trying this, trying that until I get what look I am going for. And I like change, this is the third switcheroo this room has had in seven months and I LOVE I have options. This room is big and spacious giving me lots of ways to put my couches. I have always wanted walking room behind my couches. All couches we purchased at my favorite Downeast Home.

another one...just for fun

I always like to have a least on thing at an angle. Don’t be afraid to separate your sectional. The grey chaise lounge a few days ago went against the other part of the sofa in a totally different location. It was time to separate. So it is what I placed at an angle. My rug, I do love, it looks like big giant crayons you used as a kindergartener all melted together, however it is a beast to vacuum and it sheds like a dog.


sorry for the fuzz of this picture. My lumber jake was putting this big beam (above the fire place) up with a helper carpenter, they got it bolted and carpenter guy went to take the nail out, and hubby said to him, “A, my wife might want that.” He gave a quizzical look and put it back. How well he knows me! I love this nail here and plan to find the perfect thing to hang here, I haven’t yet, but I will and once I do I will smile.


I had the electrician man put a plug in my beam, and it is handy to have and I have loved my black and stainless outlet covers. It makes such a difference!


I love my pillars and I love the lights that go on them. They look so old world. They give off a low glow like candle flame.


Spring always inspires me to bring some color inside, and since we have no bulbs or flowers to sprout there little heads, I got some new fun double sided color paper and made some windmills with it and taped them to my sticks, adding some fun.


I have this old metal easel that was lumber jake’s grandma’s, who passed away a few years ago, and I was lucky enough to get it. A screw is messing from the bottom so it isn’t the best to paint on so I put a painting on it and it sits as decoration. I love it!

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