growing up

no braces!

Growing up is hard to do…for the mother. My oldest monkey, now recently rid of her braces, looks years older. Don’t get me wrong, we missed her teeth and love that they are back and beautifully straight, but darn it if I don’t feel older now that she does. All of her firsts are my first as a mother.
I embarrassed her ( a mothers job I have come to accept) in front of the dentist when he removed them and took a picture right in the dental chair. For that much of money put toward these braces, we should have had balloons and confetti. Although we left with a nice juicy carmel apple!

no glasses

This little monkey asked for contacts (growing up is hard to do). It is hard to say no to this face, so her glasses which are a part of her personality, had them since she was three years old, now up graded to a new look. She has had contacts for a few weeks now and I still can’t get used to those cute square glasses that were a part of her are gone. It makes her look a few years older too, and sometimes I want to ask her to put her glasses back on, just for mommy.

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