When I was a little girl, being the youngest of the family, I was the one asked to go downstairs into our (dungeon) of a cold storage and get the necessities for dinner. I didn’t like it, in my young little mind their was spiders, cockroaches and mice. I even went so far and telling my friends we kept an unknown sister down there and it was my job to feed her bread and water (sound like something my monkey # 3 would do…um yes). Oh dear!
I would go down, hurry and grab onto the string to turn the light on (very dungeon like), grab the canned good or bottled goods I was asked to get and bolt out of there slamming the door shut, well I couldn’t really slam it because it didn’t have a door knob it only had a metal latch! Hence my want of a big pantry upstairs where no dungeon creatures reside and I don’t have to ask my kids to go down to get stuff. We do have a cold storage for bigger items (shelves still need to be made) but I am very grateful for the awesomeness of this pantry!

holy pantry

In the picture on the rightI have a long counter to have toaster and am able to prepare things. And pull out drawers for potatoes and onions and a nice place for our huge garbage we need, since we don’t have city pick up. All walls have full height shelving, we decided to have them built so we can adjust the shelf height and I have never liked the painted wood shelving for my panty. And take notice, I have my freezer upstairs! Oh how long have I yearned for this.
I took this photo awhile ago and have taken Sam’s club trips to fill these shelves so every time I go into it I smile inside. I LOVE my pantry!
I am spoiled, yes I know. Thank you, Thank you lumber jake for understanding my nightmare dungeon cold storage situation. He has known me for 18 years, he should know he married a crazy lady.

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