you can make a light outta that!

an acetylene tank cap

Our light in our computer nook is a unique one, we found it from barnlightelectric, it is made from an old tank they use to hold gas for welding. I rather enjoy this light a lot. Even though our house was a major stress, and probably took years off my life expectancy when I sit back and look at the unique things in it, now I can say it was all worth it, however I am not ready to get back in the building saddle quite yet, maybe never. Lumber Jake, his brain is already churning new ideas, thank goodness he has been using his creative juices in coolest framer ever’s house design. I have no idea what we are going to do when that project is finished. Maybe he will just have to come up with a sweet wood shed for all the massive amounts of wood we will go through (oh btw the wood we took from in laws….we are down to a dozen pieces. Warm weather, come!!)

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