Spring break continued

We had a good time on spring break and the drive was actually great, even monkey #1 (who didn’t sleep the entire 8 hour drive there and back) did awesome, I was pleasantly surprised. It might have to do with the 2 dozen! Krispy Kreme doughnuts lumber jake got on the way home. They were all excited about that, my figure, not so much :) .

emerald pond (lower)

When you go to places like Zion there is so much beautiful surrounding to see and take but you also get to have a lot of different kinds of people since it is a tourist destination. We had a few choice encounters with some of the odd variety of tourists to make our hike more interesting.
We hiked all the kid friendly hikes in Zion in one day. We started with the emerald ponds and just moved up from there in the mountain bus (as monkey 1 likes to call the shuttle) to the narrows.

the narrows

They all did awesome, but monkey 2 was a bit tired and I was tired of holding him on my hip so up he went on my shoulders on the trail back and by the end of that trail I was almost running just to get him off, my shoulders were burning and a needed to use the ladies room desperately!

A side note on Zion’s. We read an article in the paper stating that the average age of visitors to places like Zion was in the late 50′s, meaning not a lot of younger tourist are coming. So if this continues to be the case they won’t have enough funding to operate and many of the beautiful places like Zion will have to close because once the older tourist stop coming due to heath and whatnot the tourist population will dwindle. So take a trip and visit I would hate to see these beautiful places shut down because of lack of interest. It really was so beautiful!


So from all that hiking the next day we relaxed! Monkey 4 and 5 don’t enjoy the water so they didn’t get much water time but it was fun to soak up the sun! Monkey 4 is a little on the skinny side and we made the observation that we can see his heart beating he is so skinny. What to do to fatten him up when he is lactose intolerance? Two dozen doughnuts on the way home :) !

pottery painting

We went and painted some pottery there and they fired it up for us so we could take it home the next day. Monkey 4 wanted to do a monster truck money bank because he is saving up for a motor bike. Every day he comes up to me and asks what jobs he can do to earn some money for his motorcycle! And he got bff with the owner and wanted to talk to her the whole time. She happened to come to the resort we were staying at the next day to let the kids at the pool paint for easter and instead of lounging in the hot tub he wanted to hang out and chat with her. Funny kid.

We had a very good time but as always it was fun to get home and sleep in your own beed and be around our own things. Its good to be back in the trees, and with all this warm weather (minus today) they are smelling lovely!

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