create things of sentiment

I have a box. A box I put letters I’ve received from family, friends, my monkey’s and one from a stranger. I have always been a sentimental person, when I was 14 I caught my first fish I kept him for years in the freezer until I was told we just had to throw it out. I bought my first pet fish, named it, talked to it, gave it a home in my bedroom, it died the next day and I cried and cried, I didn’t want to flush it down the toilet, I was 16.
It has been hard to move because of that. I grow attached so I try to keep little things I am given and memories I have, displayed or pieces of furniture that have meaning, to remind me of certain times in my life.

what matters most

I decided to frame notes, cards and hand made gifts I have received from friends and family to remind of what is important and things that lift me up.

all you need is love

I have these sentimental keepsakes displayed in my bedroom, above my headboard. The ladder I got on road trip with my hubby to Colorado to buy a 79′ Toyota FJ together. We slept in our car and laughed while I had my feet sticking out the window looking at the stars. I found it in a random store sitting against the wall. It was broken, but I wanted to remember this trip so I got it, tried to fix it multiple times but it looks best on the wall anyway. The blanket I draped over the ladder is a blanket I got when I was 17 or 18. A gift given to me by my hubby. I’ve known him since I was 16. The heart I got when we first started having our monkey’s. It has been in all the baby’s room in all our different houses and now hangs in our bedroom. The frame, well I got it at hobby lobby, so no sentimental there, it just looked good with the heart in it.

a kind stranger

I mentioned a note I had from a stranger. I was in the hospital having monkey #4, and in 5 more days monkey #2 was going to get her bone marrow transplant, me going with her with my brand new baby boy to live at the hospital. I was struggling with stress, breastfeeding, cancer and then walks in my nurse holding this card, for me. She hands it to me and said this guy wanted me to give this to you. I open it and there is a wad of cash and sweet words. It ended “from an old cowboy”. Tears streaming down my face I knew I wanted to get me something to remember this, not to pay bills. The above piece of furniture is what I bought. It was on sale at downeast so it was affordable for me to buy with the cash. It has its quirks, the doors don’t shut properly, it is heavy as a beast but I love it!

All our life memories need to be remembered. I love the quote by Thomas Merton, “God gave us memories so we can have roses in December.

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