unearthly series

I am not a good reviewer of books, I know whether I like the book or not, yes, but I am not one to elaborate eloquently about why I do or do not like them. When I read a book, I know within the first few chapters if I will like it and if I am not hooked by the first few, I rarely go back and try again, hence the reason I am on only the second chapter of Divergence and I have had it for two months. I am still thinking of giving that one another go.
The unearthly series is one that I like right from the get go. Set in Jackson Wy (my neighbor) and one of the main characters is a handsome cowboy. Well there just needs to be more books written with handsome cowboys in my opinion. I maybe scared to death of horses but in the books I don’t have to actually ride them!
I can’t wait for the next series to see how this plays out because I wasn’t to happy with the ending of the second book. So if you want a good read, try this one. I liked it.

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